Understand Health Insurance to Generate Leads

If you don't have health insurance, then you pay for your health and medical bills out of pocket. Many employers provided health insurance for their employees as a way to entice the employees to stay with the company. However, these days are long gone. Thanks to Obamacare, health insurance is now mandatory for every person in the United States to carry. If a person is found to not have health insurance, then they can be fined at the end of the year, a fine that can result in thousands of dollars. For this reason alone, people are scrambling to find health insurance.

Obamacare and Open Enrollment

Every year, the last two months of the year are considered open enrollment periods to get enrolled in health insurance plans. Open enrollment refers to not only Medicare and Medicaid, but this is also the time in which health insurance providers are accepting new clients. Within each state, several companies provide state health care insurance to those who qualify. This insurance may be a bit lower in cost, but will provide coverage to what a person is going to need. The state funded insurance programs take into consideration your income and household size in order to determine the rate which you can afford to pay per month for health insurance coverage.

The good news is that with Obamacare, making all health insurance mandatory, health insurance providers can no longer punish someone for poor health. In most cases, whether a person has a chronic illness or the like, they are going to still be allowed access to health insurance. This has put the market for health insurance on more even ground.

Health Insurance Terms

Health insurance can be rather complicated and difficult for many people to understand. Here are some common terms that can help to better understand what you are getting with health insurance:

- Co-payment: This is the price that you are going to pay for health care appointments. For example, you may have a deductible of $50 per every doctor visit.
  • Deductible: The amount you pay each year before the health insurance company starts to pay. This is usually given in terms of an individual and as a family.
  • In-Network Provider: These are providers that the health insurance company prefers you to utilize because they have provisions for this provider to accept the insurance and the prices for services.
  • Out of Pocket Maximum: This is the maximum that an individual or a family have to pay out of pocket before the insurance starts to pay for it all.
  • Premium: The amount that you pay each month for your coverage.
  • Allowable Charge: These are charges that your health insurance company has set as the maximum cost for a service in most cases; any amount after the allowable charge has to be paid for by you.

Health insurance is now mandatory, thus it is best to know what the terms are and how it works before getting into it. You will find that health insurance can help to relieve the burden that medical bills cause for people.